Friday, June 21, 2013

5 Days

Today was an incredible day. I repeat, incredible. We woke up at about 8:30 this morning and got ready then we headed off to the church office building were my dad would be set apart as a mission president for the Guayaquil west, Ecuador Mission. We drove down to the underground parking and went inside the cozy lobby. There we were received by Elder Christopherson's secretary (who was very nice)  and taken to an elevator which let us off at the first floor. We were directed to some glass with gold doors and ushered inside another door to a conference room. Once all of us (Me, Josh, Mom, Dad, Jorge, Monica, Aaron, Cameron, Megan, Ryan, Tyler, Grandma, Anne, Tia Dominga, and Tio Omar) were inside in walked Elder Christopherson. Never before have I felt the spirit so strongly. His presence brought with him a warmth and a kind air. Kind he most definitely was, as he shook all of our hands, (which I have to say was pretty cool)  said hello, and introduced himself. As we were all seated in the chairs around the large table my mom and dad first said a few things to us all after which commenced the setting apart done by Elder Christopherson. Next my mom received a blessing and was set apart as a full time missionary and companion to my dad, which I know touched her very much, things were said and blessed in both  that we as a whole family had been praying and fasting about. Next, I received the great privilege of receiving a blessing. As all the preithood holders who had come stood around me with there hands on my head I couldn't help but cry a little. Just previously the day before I had been speaking with my aunt about some of the things that were troubling, and to my great appreciation, he addressed ALL of them and more. I could not have asked for a better blessing than the one I received today, just by being in the presence of one of god's chosen apostles, but heavenly father blessed me with more, just as I'm sure he does for each one of us everyday. I have a new found faith and confidence that this is the lords will and that I will be alright. Although worry still lingers a bit, I am not frightened, neither need I be.


  1. I'm dying to know what your schedule is like while you are in the MTC. What do you do during the day? I am sure there are other children attached to Mission Presidents there :). And what did you do during the World Wide Training? What is housing like . . . and how are the meals? Hopefully you'll post all of this, knowing that your time in the MTC is short and you are off to Ecuador almost in a flash! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. I'm actually not at the MTC it's just my parents but from what I hear they are having a great time!!:)