Sunday, June 2, 2013

4 Weeks

So today is our third to last Sunday. The time has gone by so quickly, too quickly you might say. I find it hard to believe it is only four weeks until we leave, the movers are coming to take everything tomorrow and we will be living off of suit cases the next little while. Today our family got together every child and grandchild of my parents, and we had a testimony meeting. Never have I felt the spirit so strongly. Though tears were shed and sadness was lingering the overall warm feeling overcame it all. I am going to miss my family and friends so much, I cant think about it in order not to cry, this being the last week of school and all. I just cant help but think there are some people I might never see again but I feel so strongly and sure that we are meant to go on this mission. I know Heavenly father knows what he is doing and has our best interest in mind.. he knows and can see the big picture even when we cant. I know that this has been already and will be one of the greatest trials for our family but at the same time one of the greatest blessings. I have really come to understand two things: One being that you never know what you have until its gone. And two, trials are really blessings in disguise. This has been such a hard week for me.. everything I see weather it be the mountains or a friend or a family member, even my school, everything just makes me want to cry. While I know this is hard I know that this too shall pass and as everyone keeps telling me "It can only get better." I truly hope so. In  this area I really have no other choice than to put my trust in the lord, because only he knows what will happen and what our needs are. If its not too much to ask, please keep my family in your prayers. It is the prayers we need the most. "God is making things happen for you. Even when you don't see it, even when you can't feel it, even if it's not evident.. God is working on your prayers."


  1. Beautifully said! I too loved our FHE tonight. It is so fun to all be together as a family! It is really weird to think that that won't happen as often for the next three years. I definitely took that for granted. However, three small years apart for our family will mean eternities together for the families who will be brought to the knowledge of the gospel through your sevice, Josh's service, and your parents service. Three years is not too long.... Somedays it does feel like forever. But, I know you. I know you will be able to turn every hard situation into a learning experience and eventually, a blessing. You are an amazing young woman. You have so many gifts and talents. The Lord has a grand design for your amazing life... And this is just training!! I love you, Sarah! Keep smiling... Your smile is to beautiful to not be worn!!

  2. Thank-you so much Monica. That means alot. I know this will be a blessing to all of us. I'm going to miss you guys!! I love you too!

  3. Not only is your family in my prayers, they are in my heart!