Sunday, July 7, 2013

Church today was awesome!!

This morning we awoke to a flooded down stairs due to a broken pipe. This house seems to e cursed with water problems haha but no matter. This being the case dad stayed home to clean up the two inch high lake that inhabited our living room and kitchen. My mom and I went to church. As we got into the parking lot I got kinda scared and almost started to cry. I was really scared to be so immersed in the language I wasn't ready to be thrown in. I felt scared and slightly embarrassed with a hint of stupidity then walked inside. Thank-heavens it was fast and testimony today so I could make out about mm maybe 75% of what people were saying. After sacrament was over we went to sunday school. I got there scared that I would be sitting in the back corner alone.. my a.d.d just so happened to be horrible today, but no, the girls welcomed me warmly and sat next to me in the front. Two of the girls sitting next to me spoke English to my great astonishment!  I was so happy I almost hugged them. As my mind wondered and raced, not able to concentrate one of the girls I was sitting by talked to me. This girl had come from new York, her family lived in Ecuador and she is Catholic. She told me about how she had gone to a all girls Catholic school in New York and how she would be staying in Ecuador for a year. We became friends quickly and it felt nice to have someone that understood a bit. Next was young women's.All the girls passed around my scriptures and looked through them, they ran their fingers along my name embossed on the front and smiled. They hadn't seen a quadruple before. Next we separate for classes. All during the class M would translate my answers to the teacher and I would explain a concept to her when she didn't understand. It was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. I explained to her why our children are baptized at 8 instead of when they are babies, I explained to her what ordinances were and when we make them. All this while (me understanding Spanish but not yet possessing the talents to well speak it) she translated my answers to the teacher and helped me out with words when I did speak in Spanish. Before sunday school she told me she would probably not come but after young womens she said she wanted to try to come. I'm so excited that I have made this friend that I can help in this way and others for example she is going to be learning chemistry and physics but I already have learned it so I told her I could help her with that if she could help me with my Spanish. This is just to cool to be true. I think this girl, this friend of mine, may be one of the reasons I am here. I feel so grateful to have her in my life! I'm glad I made this friend. So, again I say, church today was awesome!!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I can't help but think that your new friend, Maria, is a tender mercy from heaven!