Friday, July 12, 2013

In which the week was almost uneventful..

This week was not exactly all boring and not exactly exciting. Millipede sightings in our home have become a normal occurrence, and we try to be as kind and polite to them as we can and try to leave them alone (except for today in which mom accidentally stepped on one and felt mortified to have committed such an awful crime. So terrible. I assure you.). Then there are our loud neighbors who like to have parties till five AM on Saturdays and also don't mind laughing as loud as they can when the other neighbors (us) are enjoying a nice relaxing down time in the house, or so we had hoped for. We being me. I got quite annoyed with their little rat of a Chihuahua and am convinced I am the one who was sent here to Ecuador to put it out of its misery. I fully intend on buying a sniper rifle and shooting it dead before its next barking fit, which usually occurs around 3 AM. I am of course kidding but do wish the little dog would 'accidently' disappear. Today we had to go by immigration office to have papers filled out that were needed to get our stuff here.. which by the way could take up to six months. No. Thank-you. Again this  week I've been having a hard time with missing people but heavenly father has been helping me to deal with it better.. than I was at least. I've been kind of a worry baby but I'm trying to get over it. I just have to keep trusting heavenly father. So besides the little goings on and the worrying not much has been happening.. which I'm sure wont be the report for long but as if now it is. Goal this week: work on not worrying and get over fear of the little millipedes.


  1. Dear Sarah! I love you! And I hate millipedes--even worse than cockroaches, ewww. David wasn't fond of chihuahuas on his mission in Arizona-he said they would run alongside the bikes and yip, and try to get ahead of them and jump right in front of the wheels. That's how he ran over one once...but it got up and ran off, so he figured it was okay :oP Love and hugs, and remember, it is better to look up! Unless there are bugs on the ceiling...

  2. hahahah thank-you Amy!Yes I will remember to look up.. but I'm always afraid that when I do I will have my first spider sighting:/ haha yeah the only chiuahuah that lives around happens to live right behind us:p