Sunday, July 28, 2013

The People in Our lives

Yesterday was great and today has been pretty good for the most part. I love the missionaries in our area, they have become like adopted siblings to me. There is this one Sister missionary who is exactly like me, I was talking to her and we totally connected with everything! It was so neat, and then we would share thoughts we had on certain trials and how we thought and how we coped with things and then I started thinking.. no one comes into our lives by coincidence. No one. We learn lessons from everybody, weather good or bad. With every person you meet you take something from your experience with them. This sister is having trouble with the language and so am I. I thought none of the missionaries would have much trouble with the language because they had the MTC and would receive the gift of tongues but no. I think that with every experience we have we can better help others and grow ourselves. Because of the things this sister had gone through, I was able to relate to and talk to her, which all the while I was thinking "Heavenly Father you are great! Grand even! I LOVE you!" I was so happy. But then I also thought, we need to thank him even when we are going through the hard times because the good times will come soon and the bad times shape us to a better version of ourselves. I've been talking to my brother's best friend and it has been such a blessing talking to her. If my brother hadn't met her I obviously wouldn't have and where would I be now? We have all met that someone or a few someone's who either we have impacted their lives or they have impacted ours, but I don't think we cross paths with others for no reason. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life and all of the people who will be in it in the future. Whenever your going through something hard just remember you will be able to help someone in the future who will be going through the same exact thing.
                                             Or both^^

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