Saturday, July 6, 2013

Today I was thinking..

Why do people say goodbye? I mean the good part, what is that supposed to mean? That you're parting on positive terms? That you're happy to be leaving them? That the day was good? What? I really don't understand.. why do people say goodbye at all? Saying goodbye is just depressing.. why not see you later weather that means later that day, later that week, even later in life or in eternity. Saying goodbye when I left for Ecuador was like knives on the  inside and smiles on the outside.. but in reality and the eternal perspective of things we never have to say goodbye. We will always see the ones we love again weather it be a long time or short time we will. I think if we all just started looking at things the way god does it would save us a lot of sadness and regret. So my new goal is to look at this move and this life the way god sees it, or at least learn how to do so. Things on the inside have been kinda rough for me, but I think if I did this it would help. So that being my thought for the day I will talk to you all later. :)
Never say goodbye

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