Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spiritual break through

So I'll admit. This month has been very hard. I have been depressed almost everyday and cry almost every night. Not the greatest thing in the world. If you could imagine. I started thinking about my situation and if I really had control over anything and had decided that, no there was absolutely nothing I could control and that I was indeed in perilous times. False. Throughout the cours of the day today and yesterday I had been thinking about dance and " Oh where am I going to find new point shoes?" and what not but then I started thinking about ballet itself. In ballet, in point at least, when you get your new shoes you have to break them in before you can dance in them. Sometimes the process is long, sometimes it is short but everytime is usually different. Sometimes it depends on how much time and energy you take in doing it. The girls who are determined to break their shoes in and are persistent can break them in pretty easily, not at first but after practice, yes. The girls who neglect to break in their shoes and forget about it until their next dance class roles around usually break theirs in last. Only putting as much effort into breaking their shoes in as they have at the moment and giving up after a few tries. If only they would just be persistent the dance teacher thinks. Life is very much the same, in order to live a positive, happy life, we must be positive and happy ourselves, in order to break point shoes in quickly you must be dedicated and have a good attitude. In life we are thrown trials all different, in ballet there are many different types of shoes. But no matter how different we can chose the same attitude and slowly and through experience we can learn our own tactics and strategies to pull ourselves through the hard parts and get to the good, so as in ballet, after you break your shoes in you can dance! With school coming and all the mini trials it brings with it, I feel like I will be all right if I can pull myself through this and get myself to my own spiritual break through. Heavenly Father is our dance teacher so to speak, what is he thinking about you? If only she/he would be persistent and try? Thank-heavens she is giving her best effort? It is your choice. No one can do it for you, people can help motivate you but you have to do it yourself. While breaking in your shoes you build up more strength to dance in them. In life our trials give us strength to live our very best. My new goal is to start seeing the good in EVERYTHING and trying my very hardest so that when our 'dance teacher' looks down at me, he is thinking: "Thank-heavens, she's trying and giving her best effort!"


  1. You are awesome! You've got this! I love you!

  2. Thanks Megs! Love you too! Couldn't have done it without you! (Hey that rhymed) ooh I feel so poetic, whimsical and fanciful!! Heavens!