Friday, October 18, 2013

Lessons Learned

Hellloooo my family and friends!! I am so sorry I was going to write on my birthday but i totally forgot so here is my birthday post 14 days after my birthday haha So this month has been very good for the most part I still have great friends and more have come and I have learned a few things. So I have never been the most consistent reader for the scriptures i'll do it morning and night for a while and then i'll stop and only do it sometimes. Well, this week and last week i did it!! Consistently! Not only did I feel my day was more productive but I noticed something! For the first couple days that a did it my days were horrible!! Like Satan was trying to get me to stop reading out of anger and frustration.. I was receiving so much opposition and hard things and so depressed and I was wondering to myself "If i am doing the write thing.. why is all this bad stuff happening?" Well after the few days my situations didn't improve all that much, Satan was still going at it trying to make me mad buuut I was stronger, I started being more positive and looking for the good and making a good day even if it wasn't, if I didn't like my situation I made it good I did things to make myself like it..  AND IT WORKED!! Now some of you might be thinking well thats just coincidence, you're just a positive person.. BUT NO. I have not been a positive person all the time I usually just get discouraged and call it a bad day, no questions asked I can go cry in my room for hours and ask heavenly father why he is doing this to me. I have a testimony that reading the scriptures and praying and reading conference talks really does help and improve your day and yourself. Not only did I make myself happy I was given the strength to do it, the want to do it. Sometimes I just like to wallow in self pity and feel bad for myself but not this time!! With the help of heavenly father I could lift myself up out of that darkness. That is one of the greatest things I have ever known, and such a great gift. I have power over my own day, my own life. YOU have power over your own day, your own life. I am so grateful for all my hard trials. They make me stronger. Okay, here is the other thing. The other day I was having really bad growth pains in my legs, which usually that means you are growing, so I got so happy because I was like "YES!!! I AM GETTING TALLER!! WOOT WOOT!!" haha I was so happy and then I realized life is much the same, you have to go through pain to grow, to know, to feel all the things you wouldn't otherwise. I realized even more than I have before , that through all this, even though it is just the beginning (It feels like we have been here a year haha) I have been growing and I have been getting better. So yay!!! That to me is cool. Muy chevere. Nuestro padre celestial saven que el esta haciendo. Si se puethe!! So another cool thing... ME ESPANOL ESTA MEJORANDO MUCHO!!! My spanish is getting alot better!!! I can understand everything and I can speak pretty good and get my thoughts across!! pretty cool huh?! Another thing I realized... the missionaries wear name tags that have three names on them: elder/sister - theirs, The church - god's and Jesus Christ and their last name which is their family's name. Whatever they do is a reflection on all three and people are going to notice. PEOPLE!! MISSIONARIES ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO WEAR THESE THREE NAMES!!! WE DO TOO!!! I realized this and immediately thought about all the things i was doing that i should't be or would reflect bad on those three names. I have had to be very careful because as a wearer of these three names I (we) stand as a witness, an example and a representative for them. Keeping this in mind I noticed I was more able to be a better person and keep my standards, because not only am i standing for myself I am standing for many and knowing this has helped me to stand. I feel like the lord has been carrying me through so many things and I am so grateful to him. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you  are, DO NOT GIVE UP!! If you need to change some things about yourself to make yourself better, DO IT. But please, never give up. I wouldn't be the bettered person I am today if I had just given up. Love you all!!


  1. Beautifully written, Sarah! I know exactly what you are talking about! For me, when I get into a habit of prayer, scripture study, and daily conference talks, the gift I receive is more patience. I still have all my daily issues. The kids still fight, still make messes, still need their diapers changed, but I have more patience. I have more of an eternal perspective and am able to do all the little day to day things without irritation. And that, my friend, is an enormous gift! I'm am so impressed with your Spanish! I must admit...I got so frustrated that I abandoned my studies...I know! Not smart! Maybe I'll pick them up again. Aaron is asleep right now, but tomorrow I'll have to read to him what you wrote about names. We have been talking about that a lot at our house. I've been explaining to him what it means to take upon himself the name of Christ. Part of his Baptismal Covenant! Stand as a witness of God at all times and at all things and in all places! I honestly can't believe he's old enough to get baptized!! Crazy! We miss you lots!! But we will see you in TWO months!! I can't wait!! Love you, Sarah!

  2. I know Aaron has grown up so fast!!! I love him! And all the kids!! Thank-you so much I love and miss you guys too!!:)