Saturday, November 9, 2013

Be still and know I am God

So this week was a kind of rough week, my parents were gone for meetings in Peru and I had a few hard things happen. Many times I was really tempted to just get mad at heavenly father and feel bad for myself but something I remembered was that scripture, I don't remember where it is from but it is "Be still and know that I am god.". So that's what I want to talk about. That scripture means so much more than just eight words, that scripture sums up one, maybe many huge big topics but the one I thought of the most was, keep calm, heavenly father knows what he is doing. Heavenly Father has a much bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves, he knows us better than we know ourselves and knows what will help us most and lead us to the most happiness. This mission was very out of the blue and we weren't expecting it as were many of the things that have already happened to me on it. What i've seen though is this, so many of the things I have already gone through have made me a better happier person, I get to experience another way of life, I get to see it everyday, and in a way.. that changes me more and more with each look. I've noticed, everyday I drive to school I see poverty, all over, but, it doesn't disgust me, yeah I feel bad for those that don't always have what they need, but it makes me appreciate more and more what I have. The gospel, in Utah, is something many people have, we've grown so used to growing up in it and being in a very sheltered environment because lot's of people have our standards, so we don't really recognize or feel what it is to be with out them. Holy. Crap. Big difference. I feel so grateful for the safety that I have, for the spirit in my life, not having to feel completely alone, knowing that if someone dies we will see them again and that families are forever. There are so many people in the world that don't think that, and they are miserable! I've witnessed that! I mean, how blessed are we to know the things we know and have the things we have. I think there are many things I have come to realize on this mission.. as is kind of evident by everything I write about on here haha but really. If you are going through a hard time, if you have to make a hard decision, it is so easy to worry.. it is so easy to feel completely defeated by the world, I know because I have felt that way before and still do, this week in fact. Don't go through it alone, trust heavenly father that everything will be okay, his eye vision can see farther down the road than ours can hah;) So, in my situation right now i figured I just need to continue learning to be patient and trust heavenly father (not been that easy but i'm still getting there:) And ooh great news my family comes in six weeks!! So excited to see them and we will be able to see my brother josh!! Gotta be patient for that too:p Well that is my thought or this week. Hang in there my friends, we are all on this a crazy, scary, fun ride of life together..we're gonna be here a while so we might as well make the best of it and ourselves!

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