Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mormon Messages

I am trying to keep posting consistently but I don't have much to write about at the moment so I found these Mormon Messages a while ago and I really liked them. I thought it would be cool to put them on here:) Enjoy! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Belated Thanksgiving post

It was once said, then said many times again, that if you are sad, depressed or down, count your blessings. It was also said long ago that if you cannot sleep at night, count the sheep. To be tired and lack rest or to be tired and lack happiness, looking back on ones blessings is sure to help. So, just to be discrete, lets just say, this month has not been easy for me, more internally than anything. Today was just another day in the month of hard and confused with that side dish of sick. I was working on seminary, quietly asking heavenly father all these questions that I'm sure just make his head spin and make him want to strongly say "SARAH, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!" Because I'm sure he does, and I like to think I don't know what he is doing but I do. He is shaping me and strengthening me for even more shaping and strengthening and tough things ahead. But so often I think of the pain instead of the growth. Why? Why do I do that? It just makes things worse I'm sure! Well, while sitting doing seminary I had the thought cross my mind, go look at your sister and sister - in - laws blogs. So I did. I got on the computer and looked at there blogs. I have to tell you, just looking at those blogs made the whole difference. Looking at my gorgeous nephews and nieces, remembering what blessings all my family members are in my life, thinking about each of them and the struggles they underwent to be where they are now. My brother, has no doubt I'm sure and I know gone through a great deal of struggles to be where he is today, but look where he is today. He has a wonderful wife and five amazing, beautiful and fun children! He provides for and loves his family! He is able to help many people by giving them advice and help and just by walking into the store with his children! My sister-in-law, what a sweet heart she has, she is so patient and loving in raising her children it makes me want to cry! (That is good tears) My sister, my sister has told me so many stories of her struggles and experiences and look where she is, she too is a beautiful, wonderful mom to her beautiful children. She always knows what to say and gives good advice and she can do that because of her experiences, her writing comforts and advises and i dont know what i would do with out it.She combines talent with experience to create.. what i dont even have a word for! Her husband, equally is an amazing example to me of a good father and provider. He loves my sister and his children and that makes me happy. My brother, who never writes a negative letter home to us, always being positive and strong and showing us pure service and love of others. being an instrument in the lords hands all while having dengue twice and now having to be changed! Nothing but love, come to pass through tears and trials and working together. You think, how could it get any better? But it does, think of the two loving parents who raised these children, grand children, these generations. My mom, she has gone through many things, having to move many times when she was young, dealing with temptations and people and being the oldest sister in her family, trying her best to set a good example for them while growing up. My dad, grew up in Mexico in a very humble life. He had to do things to contribute to his family by working young, giving his time and energy to help his family. That is how it has been ever since, and now his family is also his missionaries. Put those two together and you have this family of experienced, loving, soldiers. There are so many out in the world like this, and we are all just fighting the challenges we receive in life side by side. Thinking of this and my family and what blessing they are to me, has helped me more than these few words or any words can express. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much, but sometimes we (i) forget that. Some of his greatest blessing live in the same house as I do and share some of the same facial features as me. And others look nothing like me but are related in spirit and heart, a part of my daily life and sometimes having them here is like just taking another breath, so natural we hardly think of it until it's gone. I don't want it to be gone. Blessings such as these, such as family, are the most greatest blessings of all in my opinion. So instead of counting sheep, why not count your blessing. Instead of measuring the pain, why not measure the growth. Instead of dwelling on myself, I'm going to dwell on others. So, those are my thoughts and these are my favorite blessings(my family). Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
Be thankful
be thankful