Thursday, January 30, 2014

Drawings With Meaning

For my post today I wanted to post something I drew from my feelings and thoughts today. Many times we feel alone in our lives, we feel like we are a one man army, fighting all of our struggles, problems, temptations, weaknesses and opposition alone (weather it be people, standing alone in our standards, peer pressure etc.). So, today, that is how I felt. I felt so weighed down with everything and so different and so alone in my standards. I was feeling like I was a one man army, fighting a whole huge army by myself. In this picture, there is a girl in the left hand top corner who seems to be crying or sad.. something. You see the little bubbles coming her head meaning this is what she is thinking of/feeling. In the picture, the soldier girl is the girl in the left hand corner. She is alone, facing this huge (what is meant to be huge) army by herself, she is fighting the battle by herself. All the people that stood with her are fighting their own battles or gave into fear, peer pressure and followed the crowd, deciding to join the other side (symbolizing another of her pains. Standing alone in what she believes or does or does not do). The girl sticks to her guns and is by herself. Almost. As is apparent there is a dog by her. For many years, I have had a German Shepherd named Simba (sadly he could not join us in Ecuador) Simba, like all dogs showed perfect, undying love to me. He never left me, he calmed me when I was sad, he licked my face when I cried, forgave me when I yelled at or neglected him, he showed pure love. Well, while this dog also represents my faithful dog he also represents God. God never leaves me. He never leaves us. He sticks with us, always wants us to be happy, he will never follow the crowd, be against us, or leave us for gone. God shows us perfect love and never fails to show us his mercy and forgiveness when we forget him or disrespect him, he never forgets us, never leaves us and will always accept our sincere apologies. A couple more things. You probably can't see it, but, I drew a small, very light aura around the girl. The aura represents the light we each have inside, if you don't look close at my real paper you don't notice the aura, it goes overlooked and not seen. The army on the other side pays no attention to the girls aura, they only look at the outside. "She's alone. She's a girl. She has a dog with her, so what?" Yeah, haha so what. The light signifies that she has more to her than what is easily seen. What can be seen, the aura, is seen with the heart, by looking on the inside. The dog and the aura as well as the girl are all things that are overlooked and mistaken for weak and unable. Not true. With God and through him we can do all things. We can do anything we put our minds to and by using our full potential. The shield and the sword are the scriptures and prayer, keeping the commandments and doing what's right. Two more things, the dark figure at the top of the right hand corner is Satan. He leads all the opposition and confusion. He is the leader of the army the girl is fighting. He is perhaps one of the only people in that army that knows her true potential but will not let that knowlege get to the other's so as not to drop everything and run, he will not leave without putting up a fight. The helmet in the corner and dust trail were of those who once stood with her but chose a different path or left to join the other army. And finally, the reason the girl in the corner is sitting at the base of an oak tree is because an old oak tree is sort of symbolic, seen as wise, and so she is seeking this insight, this vision, this uplifting message or dream from the wise, meaning she is praying to God on a hill/mountain which is symbolic in the scriptures as Temple of the Lord, House of the Lord. So the girl is going to the Lord, praying to him, and she tells him how she feels and then she sees the dog in her dream, symbolic of him telling her he will not leave her. So, just remember next time you are going through something hard, God is always with you, he will not leave you, he will always forgive you and welcome you back, no matter what mistakes you make or how you've been feeling. He will always be there to help and to guide you. :) Have an awesome day, hope you enjoyed my picture/thought.  YOU CAN DO IT!! Heavenly father will help you through whatever you are going through and in the end it will all be alright. He helped me through today, and I ended up having one of the best days I have had in a long time.

True description of Christ and Satan.

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