Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello again!

Hello!! I am so sorry I didn't write sooner.. I was planning to write for Christmas but our family came to visit and I wasn't really thinking about the blog haha. So, here's a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! We've kind of had a crazy month! The rains stared a couple weeks ago and there have been crickets! Tons of them, they fly and get in the house and eat fabric it's gross!! The cockroaches keep coming but more so, they are just disgusting and then to our surprise my brother found a small tarantula while so far we have seen no large spiders up to that point. Great. As I said my family came and that was the greatest Christmas gift ever! Seeing them and being able to be with them for a while.I really wasn't grateful for all the noise until we had to come here and it was almost always constantly quiet. All the while they were here I just felt so grateful to have a family. In Utah, I really took my family for granted. They were always there, it was just normal to have them around and to help. Many weeks everyone would just come over and hang out and eat dinner on Sundays after church, some weekends I babysat their kids and hung out at their houses. When I had problems at school there was always someone to pick me up or take me to McDonalds to get fries and have a breather if I had an anxiety attack. Josh was right down the hall and I could talk to him about anything whenever. If I needed a ride somewhere and my parents weren't around my grandma was just a call away and was always willing to give us a ride when we needed one. I took that for granted biiiig time. And now I am even more grateful than I ever could have been because I don't have that. Not having them here has done different things for me. One, it has obviously made me miss them, that's just a given. Two, I have become more grateful and now more fully recognize how generous everything they did for me was. I mean, two of my siblings have kids 4 and 5 kids but would load them in the car if we needed something or were having problems. My parents, my dad had his work but if I needed something he would come, my mom the same. My brother had his friends and homework but would let me tag along or put his homework on pause to talk to me. My grandma, she had her life also, her visiting teaching, her many other grandchildren who she always generously helps, she would also come to my rescue. Three, I have realized I had depended so much on others, I didn't have to be very patient because there was always someone or something to help which is probably why I developed such a bad habit of impatience and laziness. I never had to completely trust in the lord because I could always trust in other people. But that is thing, in life, we are not always going to have people around to help, (heavenly father on the other hand is ALWAYS there) to be at our beckon call. Being here I have had to learn more to rely on myself and on the lord. If I need something at noon and school doesn't end till two thrity well then gosh I'm going to have to be patient and wait till two thirty, praying that I will make it alright because we live about the distance of provo utah to bountiful utah away from my school and mom can't just come and drop something off real quick. No one has been forcing me to be patient or trust in heavenly father, but I have been learning if I want any peace or to feel any comfort at all I am going to need to trust in him and have patience or I might as well go crazy. As you can see, not having my family here has it's pro's and cons but what I have seen mostly is heavenly father knows what he is doing. He knew coming here would make me a better person, even if everyday was so hard inside and out, and I'm sure he has more planned. He knew that it would form and mold me into a better person, and I am already starting to see it. While I still have a ways to go, I am making progress, which is the point. This doing hard things has obviously been doing things for me. This feeling out of place and unsure feeling has caused me to change something about myself to adapt to it. What I am saying to all of you is that maybe, just maybe,  coming out of your comfort zone and doing hard things is what is going to mold you into a better version of yourself. Not giving into the hard thing but learning from it and and manipulating it into a lesson and a great opportunity to do good, to become better is what i think, the purpose of all hard things. Wheather coming out of your comfort zone for you is talking to someone new and growing a better tolerance for others or trying to rely on yourself and the lord more instead of counting on other people to make you happy, because let's face it, that's not always going to work in your favor. Many of those kinds of things will not work in your favor and have not worked in mine. Being that it is a new year I plan to be better than I was last year, more kind, more patient, more trusting in the lord, more hard working and overall just improved. I wish the best to you and your goals and wish you again a Happy New Year:)


  1. Hi there! I love reading your blog as I was a mission presidents daughter while my dad served in Nashville, TN. I just recentyl recieved my mission call to the Guayaquil North Mission and would love to visit with you. email me at or find me on Facebook: Angie McKee. Thanks for your blog! Angie

    1. Hello!! Thank- you so much I'm glad you enjoy it! That would be so cool to meet you I would love that! I just emailed you just a little bit ago:) thanks again!