Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mormon Messages, Quotes, and a Small Update

Hello everybody:))Today I don't have anything big to write about today but just to keep with consistency I thought I would just write a little update of what's going on here in Ecuador, maybe a typical day, post some quotes and share some great Mormon Messages. So, for my little update, things down here have been pretty good, spiritual wise, I have trials as usual but I'm getting better and better with dealing with them.. it's amazing how even though I haven't necessarily altogether loved being down here or miss home a lot I have grown the most here, more than I ever did at home and I have become a completely different person.. it's really fantastic.. :) I'm learning to be happy down here even though it's hard, I guess that's why it's here that I am flourishing the most "There's no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.". I was telling my mom the other day that I kind of feel like one of the olive branches from the book of Jacob in the Book of Mormon, taken from the natural tree and put in the nether most parts of the vineyard, and I guess it is in the nether most parts that I have produced the most fruit haha so to speak. Typically a normal day for me is setting my alarm clock for five then hitting the snooze button till 5:30 so it's easier to get up, then I eat breakfast and get in the car half asleep to go to school then suddenly awake, nothing like starting the day with the constant feeling of "I'm going to die", because literally the traffic here is crazy and it feels like a real life MarioKart except you only have one life and you can't send bombs up ahead, unlock new cars or use a rocket to cut to first.. sadly. Driving to school has never before been so.. interesting. Then I go to school for how ever many hours that is, we always have iguanas around and sometimes when I'm not looking I'll almost step on one of the babies and then it will speed away haha. If something hard happens I just pray in my head and heavenly father strengthens me and I can usually pull myself out of being mad or sad and just go on being happy. Then I go home, ending the school day with what it started with; feeling like I'm going to die, get home do homework for how ever long that takes, do seminary (Best part!), talk with my parents, occasionally I just go sit in my dad's office with him and then after a while he'll be like, "Do you want to hear a story?" and then he'll tell me some cool story about a philosopher or one of the missionaries and it inspires me so much I go and write about it somewhere. After that we have dinner altogether and we all talk about our day and joke around a bit and we talk about the rest of the week. Sometime after that we have family prayer and I get my herbal tea and go up stairs to say my prayers read my scriptures and sit. Yes, sit. I love just sitting in my room when I have time, to just recharge, to daydream, to think, to clear my head, sometimes I just talk out loud to heavenly father or just to myself and then I get ready for bed and go to sleep.. or try, most of the time I end up just sitting awake for hours because I can't fall asleep and then when I finally almost do I'll either get inspiration for a blog post and have to write it down or I'll fall asleep and wake up every couple of hours haha it sucks. That is a typical day, sometimes more eventful, sometimes less, always have a neat experience though, special things, they just pop up out of the blue. It's fantastic.

We've had some fun experiences down here, lot's of little earthquakes and obviously we don't really have those in Utah or haven't for a while and so they freaked us out pretty bad haha almost every time I even think I feel the house shaking I book it for cover haha one time my parents were down stairs (and by now i was a little used to them) and I was upstairs and I felt one coming on, and it kind of started rattling the windows so I just said, "Mom, we're having and earthquake." but seeing as though none of the ones we'd had had been big I didn't really do anything but my parents on the other hand were like "Oh my gosh.. oh my gosh!" haha and my dad ran to the door ready to run out to the street and then it stopped and I could hear him say "Wow, I didn't know I could move that fast!" haha he's funny. We still have tons of baby lizards that get into the house and come in to my room at night and run on the walls.. gah it's so annoying I cannot even tell you.. I will try to catch them to put them outside (usually I am succesful) but it's always at night and so I'm pretty tired and they're really fast but the past few times it's like I just try to like lead them to a box or something but it's like they think I want to eat or kill them (obviously)! And so they'll be on a shelf or on the wall and they'll be nearing the box and then all of the sudden they will just jump off the wall no matter how high up they are like they are parachuting without parachutes, it is insane like they would rather kill themselves then let me take them outside.. so many times I wish I could talk to them and have them understand me.. so frustrating. I'm pretty sure one time one got in my bed.. that scared the crap out of me... I try to get them out of my room when I can.. otherwise I just end up not sleeping and just to watch where they go haha ridiculous I know. We've still had a lot of cockroaches we've all gotten pretty used to them except when they come out of no where by surprise that's annoying.. haha. School has been alright, still not my favorite thing in the world, that's one thing that probably wont change now or anytime in the future haha not fun, I even have been counting down the days till it get's out (including weekends) and the days till I get to go home I'm so excited seven or six weeks now!! Spanish has improved a bit I can still understand better than I can speak.. I can extract like 75-85 percent of what someone says most of the time and if it's my parents, family or an american I can understand almost everything.. really if I just get conjugation down and learn some more vocabulary I think that's really it!

That's about it for my life though, I've had really neat experiences and there are so many incredible people I have met while I've been down here, they've been really big blessings to me:) It's been so neat to meet different people from all over and to see how other people live and live in a different culture. Even though it's hard, I think that is one of the perks of being a mission president's daughter, is the getting to know a different part of the world, getting to see things from a different perspective, sometimes those things can be hard, seeing people that have harder lives, being with people that are in many ways different than you, in some cases having a completely different language, all of it is hard, it's really hard but once you stop hating what you don't understand, once you start trying to look for the good and see things from heavenly father's perspective and look for what you can learn and take out of your situation, things really do get better, and all these things shape you, all these things, if you let them, become a part of you, they teach you, they start building you into the monumental person that heavenly father intended you to become! Sometimes we have to be planted in the nether most parts of the vineyard because that is where the gardener know's we will best grow. I was talking to my awesome art teacher the other day, she is such a cool lady, and I was having a hard time with something and she told me something like "Sarah, all these hard things in your life are your teachers, they each teach you a lesson and when they are done teaching you all they have to give and you have learned what you needed to you can just tell them "You are dismissed!"" So I guess life is just like in school, when you have to go to different rooms and buildings, or another side of campus to get to a teachers class so that they can teach you their lesson, maybe I had to go to another side of the world, another side of the campus, to take another class from a teacher teaching a different course than the ones I had learned in Utah. :) I hope you all have a fantastic week and I hope you enjoy the videos and quotes:)

Hebrews 3:4 KJV For every house is built by some man; but he that built all things is God.

This is the Christian atheist. Believing in God but living as if He doesn't exist. Let your life reflect the Lord. Apply biblical standards to your every day living and be a beacon of light to others. Shine so that they see Him, not you. Be a vessel and let God lead.

Find the blessings

the lord knows

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