Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Am a Child of God

I am a child of God..
I am a child of God.. I was thinking about this today.. I don’t think it quite rings to some people who we really are.. I don’t think they or any of us can quite grasp our true meaning and identity. So today I just want to take some time to talk about you. Us. Everyone. Why we are here, who we really are and what we are doing here.
                We are each spirit children of the one true, high, god. We are his. We are his children and he loves us. Some may think, “How can this be, things such as this only occur in stories of fantasy and fiction, this life of finding ones true identity and heritage.. being a child of god.. is absurd!” But no, no it is not. Haven’t you ever realized how many parallels to this life there are in fairy tales and in fiction stories? Have you ever thought that God may have inspired many of those people to write the things they did because they might remind of us who WE as HIS children are? So many of us have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten him and why we are here.. imagine how sad God, your heavenly father must feel.. how would you feel if someone went away that loved you and you loved them very much and forgot all about you, never talked to you, never tried to do anything for you, imagine passing them on the road briefly and them hardly recognizing you. God feels much the same way, when we his children fail to remember him. I can only imagine after this life, when we go back to him..  we will have all of our memories back and we will remember him.. quotes say it will be so scary to us to realize when we see him again just how much we really do recognize him and remember him and just how familiar his face and countenance really is.  Can you imagine forgetting someone you loved and lived with for such a long time? How horrible they would feel? God knew that this would happen when we were sent down to earth… but even knowing that he sent us down anyway.. remembering him would be part of our test part of the reason we would be on earth. He sent us here to test us, to strengthen and help us, to let us grow, remembering him would just be one of the tests that we would and do encounter.. it is the faith to believe In him  and the believing and remembering him WITHOUT the evidence that brings us closer to him and helps us progress and “Get a good grade” in this life. How would we progress if we were just given everything? When a chicken is getting ready to come out of its egg the farmer doesn't impatiently tear open the shell for the baby bird.. that would KILL it, the bird would not have enough strength to survive, the chick must break out of the shell itself so that it build up the strength it needs to sustain life. Even though it would be easier, if we were given everything in life, if God just gave us all our memories back and gave us all of this evidence that he was there that would spiritually cripple us, the purpose of this life would be defeated. The struggle of remembering him and following his commandments when we can’t see him is hard, it is very hard, but by following him we are building up strength and becoming stronger and more like him so that when we do see him again we are able to stand without guilt or shame in his countenance and so that we can go on and continue to live and work in his kingdom. How have you been living your life? Have you remembered your heavenly father? Do you “call” him often to thank him and to ask him for help? You may not be able to see him but he is there.
                I have spoken a lot about my “Dark times” when I was really depressed and anti everything. In that time, one of the things that deeply brought me down was the lie Satan told me over and over again that God was not there, that he was not listening and did not care. Satan told me that God had better things to do and more beautiful and successful children to help so he didn't have anytime to help or listen to me. I believed these lies. I did. And it is for that reason and many reasons that I was so dark and depressed ALL THE TIME. Can you imagine how happy Satan felt, that he had defeated me (at least for the time being) and that I was miserable like him? Can you imagine how happy he was that he had gotten me to stop praying and to stop remembering my worth and who I was? He had gotten me to feel like a complete and total scum bag! He must have been very happy and I could feel that every day of my life. I would always cry at night saying quietly to my pillow.. and to God “If he is listening” I would say, “ If he really is there.. why isn’t he helping me? Why does my life suck? Why don’t I feel that he is listening to me whenever I do pray?”. I would tell my mom that I just couldn't pray to God because it’s not the same as talking to a real person, “I can’t see him, I can’t hear his answers, he can’t hug me… and besides why would he want to help me anyway?”. I did not have faith, I didn't try AT ALL. I just let myself be kicked around by life without putting up a fight and I listened to Satan I listened to his lies like they were my favorite music, but you can all see what that did to me. It drained me. I didn't think heavenly father loved me or wanted to help me, I thought he was too busy and that I was not worth it. I thought my happiness was of no concern to him. PEOPLE! WHAT GOOD PARENT DOESN'T WANT THEIR CHILD TO BE HAPPY? WHAT GOOD PARENT DOESN'T WANT THEIR CHILD TO REMEMBER THEM? WHO IN THEIR SANE MIND WOULD SAY “Oh our child is going off to college I hope they completely forget who we are and all that we've done for them.. oh and I hope they never ask us for help!” DEFINITELY NOT OUR FATHER! Our father loves us, wants us to remember him, wants us to ask him for help, wants us to repent and come back to him.
 Because of the atonement it is never too late for us to come back to him. NEVER. Satan wants us to think that too. Imagine just believing one of Satan’s lies can trap us and set us up to believe all the rest… and that knock out lie is “I am not a child of God. I am not important.  This life has no purpose. There is no God.”. DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH AND HOW THAT ONE LIE CAN SCREW US UP SO BAD? IT DID ME! And then to believe “I can’t come back, I've sinned too much, I’ve strayed too far.” I believed that! I believed all of THAT! And I was MISERABLE. Miserable. My life felt useless and at no purpose and there were many times I didn't want to live it that I wanted to take my life and had I done that I wouldn't be here today writing this blog post telling you not to fall into the same mental and spiritual trap. It is not worth it. Yes it is hard to believe what we can’t see and yes it is hard to think of ourselves as princes and princesses, sons and daughters of a one true god, but really when we believe and realize that, our life becomes so much more meaningful and truly a whole lot simpler, not in the way of trials.. those are always going to be hard, but the way we deal with them and were we chose to go with our lives. Our purpose will become so much more clear. Coming here, even though it was and has been SO HARD I have discovered who I truly am and whose I truly am. Once I stopped listening to that lie that Satan told me, I became the happy person I am today, I have more peace and I have someone (always did) that I can turn to and ask for help at ALL TIMES AND IN THING AND IN ALL PLACES. I think that is why from the time we are little in this church, they try to grill into us and try to make us truly understand that we are children of God, they have songs and lessons about it, all so that when we are older we don’t listen to Satan’s lies and fall into harder and harder times and confusion.
So many people don’t believe there is a God and don’t believe anything I am saying.. I want to tell those people how sorry I am for you and how sorry I am for heavenly father, how sad and anxious he must be, waiting to see if you’ll turn around, waiting to see if you’ll remember him, waiting to see if maybe just maybe you’ll try and have faith. To all my sisters and brothers out there: PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE FAITH. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD AND HE HAS SENT YOU HERE! He has given you this earthly home, with parents, kind and dear. If you let him, he will lead you and guide you, walk beside you and help you to find the way home. He will teach you all that you must do to live with him again and to return to him. Please, please don’t just brush this off. Every day for the rest of your life, remember, remember who you are! You need to remember. This isn’t some joke or fiction filled fairy tale it is your story and the choices you make and the lies you decide to listen or not listen to are what are going to decide how your story plays out. Remember who you are! You are loved, you are a child of God, the creator of the heavens and of the earth, the reason you are here, you are royalty, you are of great importance. You are so precious to your heavenly father and he is watching you and with you ever day. Is your life making him grimace and ache or is it filling him with joy and putting a smile on his face?
First, you need to decide that you want to remember him, that you want to believe. If you don’t want to believe something, even if it is true it will never be true to you, if you don’t want to believe and don’t try to have faith and believe it, it will never make sense. You've got to try.  If you want to change and you want to be his (You are but if you want to truly feel it) you've got to put forth an effort. For example I would like to tell you quickly about how I have been getting more in shape and losing weight. So many times I would reach for the chocolate chips when I got home from school or instead of drinking water I would drink juice with every meal and after exercising and everything. I made sweets all the time and I really was just not healthy. I had been praying to heavenly father to help me to stop to help my to turn around and to help me to become healthier and little by little it did but it all started with me making a decision. The next day I woke up and I said to myself “I am taking control, this is my body, I am in control, not my stomach.” That day I cut all sugar, juice, whole milk, all of that out. It was so hard, when the temptation came to eat sugar I had to run to my room AND CRY. I CRIED BECAUSE I COULDN'T HAVE SUGAR HOW INSANE IS THAT? But I had become so addicted to eating and not watching my health that yes, that connection had been made in my brain and my bod thought I needed sugar and to be constantly snacking. I developed my go to thing, whenever I wanted sugar I would eat a little spoon of light cream cheese instead, still amazingly yummy but not as bad for me, I created a plan b a go to thing. Slowly, slowly and through much crying and wheezing with want (I actually after that day decided to come off a little at a time and now I am back to none and I can do it!!) and exercising every day for an hour I have developed better habits and have lost weight because I took control over my situation. THAT WAS NOT EASY. It was not easy at all, but it all started with a desire to change and then a choice to change and lot’s of praying for help and strength from heavenly father in between before I finally got to where I am now. Heavenly father didn't just snap his fingers and make me lose weight and have a better habit just like that, I had to experience the struggle to truly appreciate and stay at where I had gotten. That is the same this with coming to God and remembering, and believing in who you are. It is hard but with time, faith and prayer, some self-confidence and self-control, YOU CAN DO IT!
Second, you need to repent. I’m not trying to preach to you but I’m serious you need to repent. The scriptures and prophets say that God can be around no unclean thing, it didn't say around imperfect things it said unclean. So before we receive his spirit and help to be with us always we need to ask forgiveness for things that we have done wrong and really try to become better and distance ourselves from them. By doing that and by confessing our sins to God, we are showing our humility and inviting him to draw near to us and enabling him to do so, we are trying to become clean and doing our part, and if we put forth our effort he will make it enough and draw near to us and we will be able to have his help and forgiveness.
While there are many more things I could say I’ve prolonged this for quite some time so I think I’m going to draw to a close now. I hope you all know or at least know now, how much God really does love and care for you, how much he is watching out for you and how much he wants you to return to him and remember him and believe in him. He loves you very much. You are his. You are a child of God and no matter what always will be. There will be evidences once you believe, after a trial of your faith after you believe, as a reward, as a confirmation. There are many different evidences and though he most likely will not show himself to you, he will show you things and will try to send down little messages and things to help you remember he is there and that he is proud. I love you all so much, even though I don’t know you personally, I know you are children of God, going through this life, hard trials, feelings, thoughts… questions. I know you are loved. Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.” I would like to invite everyone to read two books: The Book of Mormon  and You are Special , a picture book by Max Lucado :) 
D&C 19: 38-41

D&C 122: 5-7

I am a child of God.
"Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong to." -Ephesians 2:19-22
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we are children of God... that's a pretty big deal
Amen!  The Word says that if we are "Friends with this evil world ruled by the Devil and his children. We are Enemies of God". When we became Christian Followers of Jesus Christ, we let go of Satan the Devil, and no "Longer held his hand and walked his walk and talked his talk". Because we chose to "Walk with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. And we know that we "Cannot serve two masters. It's either God or the Devil. But not both"( Matthew 6:24, James 4:4-17)
Don't ask God to guide your steps if you're not willing to move your feet

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother´s Day!!

I have tried over and over to write this blogpost and I really just don´t know how to do it, I do not know what to say.. I think it´s been an hour and I can´t put into words my gratitude or conjure up any great format I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to all the mothers but especially my mother.
 You do so much for me and our family all the time, you do it without price or conditions, you´re always giving of yourself and always trying to help others. There are so many times I can just see how tired you are and how badly you just want to sit down or maybe take a little nap after being up and going all day for the missionaries, for dad, for me, for everyone you´re available at a moments notice to help, you try to make things easier for us and you´re always trying to do what´s right. Thank you for helping me with my math when I don´t understand it and even learning what I´m learning yourself so that you can teach it better to me, thank you for searching for things to help me during your spare time and making me things for when I come home from school. Thank you for putting up with my bad attitudes, sass or grumpiness that ever comes up and I´m sorry for it. Thank you for trying to understand me and trying to make life a bit easier for me. Thank you for making our home a safe haven, thank you for being an elect woman, and elect mother. Thank you for raising me the way you did, thank you for making me do hard things even when I dont like them. Thankyou for loving me and for building me up and for being my friend. Thankyou for always being there. Thank you for letting me be in your family. Thank you for being my mom. Thank you. I don´t know how you do it but thank you. There is so much for me, and much of it I have not yet come to understand.. you make sacrifices for our family and for each of us, you sacrifice your time and energy to help us. Thank you so much mom. I know none of us say it as often as we should but I want to take this time to tell you a big THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! I´m sorry for all the times I have been such a pain in the butt and the straw that broke the camels back, I think that you were so brave to decide to be a mother because by doing that, by making that decision you signed on for so much, for so many things that come with being a mother and that included all the drama, all the crying, all the pep talks, all the time outs, all the feeling like the bad guy, all the worrying and all the love.. through good and bad this is what you have had to deal with and I can only imagine how brave one must have to be to knowingly take on such a dedicated,life long commitment. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for bringing me and my siblings into the world and thank you for everything. I love you so much.


Some people don't get the concept of their children should come first and fore most before your own selfish wants.
and I WILL always have your backs no matter how much you think you don't need my opinions!
Being the perfect mother ... Definitely needed to hear this lately.
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